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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I so love this sweet Americana rug, I have just listed it on my update with PRIMITIVE HANDMADES MERCANTILE.  Stop by and check out all the wonderful offerings that will be listed this evening or tomorrow morning.
added the link there, hope it works for you.
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Finally updated my TDIPT page, if you get a chance stop by and check out all the wonderful offerings.  You can click on the picture on the right side bar here on my page and it will take to the updates.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 This photo is of the group deployed together.  Thank you so much for your services, I will pray everyday for God to keep you all safe.  I am very happy you all have each other and all the support from us here at home.
This photo is Matt and Rachel getting their see you later kiss.  This was the taken the day of deployment.  This picture really pulls on my heart-strings.  They so love each  other and someday I hope to call her my daughter-in-law.  Love them both very much.

This photo is Lake and his momma.  He is a very good friend of Matt's.  He spends time at our home each drill weekend, we enjoy having him!!  Very kind and polite young man he is.  I know his parents are very proud of him.  Also in the background of this pic is Matt and Rachel, so lucky to have gotten them in this shot.  Thanks to Sharon (Lake's Momma) for sharing this photo with me.

thanks for stopping by and thank you, thank you for all the kind comments you all send, means so much.  PLEASE KEEP OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Well in this photo Matt is sporting his New Camo for the desert, and I also can see hmm what is that, Oh my, a mustache.  Wonder how long he will keep that??

In this photo he said just shot the 50 cal, bad ass, wants one.  Well I have no clue what a 50 cal is, but I do know those are some big bullets.  Just think how heavy that is wrapped around the neck.  Still looks like he is enjoying his training, soon he will be off flying overseas.  So very PROUD OF HIM, I am!!!  But still makes me want to cry.  Trying to stay strong, for him!!
Thanks for all that send your prayers, We do appreciate

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I love this rug, I love black bunnies, well really all colors of bunnies, they are just so soft and furry.  I hooked this rug using a pattern by Goos Nest, it is called Antique Chalk Rabbit.  This rug measures about 22.5 x 15.  I love the egg shape of this rug.

Update on Matt, he made it to his first destination all safe and by the looks of this pic he sent me, happy about his arrival.  As of now he is still in the states and here he will be for a few weeks for extensive training, then overseas he will go.  Whats the chance of his deployment being cancelled?  I would be so happy about that but fat chance of that happening. 
I do want to thank you all that are keeping my son and my family in your prayers, I truly appreciate that.  Also thank you everyone for your kind comments!!  They mean alot to me!!
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