My Glory Stars Hooked Rugs and such

Friday, December 4, 2009

More hooked rugs

I have gotten a few rugs done since my last post. I also have been getting ready for my show, which is tomarrow. Alot of work. This is my first time to do this show, so I hope all goes well. I hope to post some photos of my both later in the week.
This rug, I love it, is a design by Kelley Belfast. This snowman just looks so festive in his Santa outfit. I hooked in wool roving for the fur on his hat, and his coat. I have listed this rug on e-bay tonight.

This snowman just looks so happy, I think he is so sweet, he is a design by primitivebetty.

This rug is one of my favorite adaptions of an antique rug. Love how it turned out.

I just sold this rug on e-bay, I love how it turned out also, I used wool roving for St. Nick's beard.

This rug just looks so old fashion, I just can not get the color right with my camera, I have tried several different times. The background squares are done in all differnt shades of browns. The rug I am working on now is for an order, for an anxiously waiting person. I am just as anxious to get it to her, I know she will love it.
Well, that is all for now, Thanks for stopping!!! Rhonda

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Santa and Reindeer Rug

Well, I have been busy hooking rugs. I just listed this on E-bay last night. I love how this turned out, I hooked roving in for his beard. This is a pattern by Lori Brechlin, love her designs. I am going to try and work on some snowmen and santas and try not to be so focused on hookin. So we will see.

Today I am headed to the Simple Goodes Show in Mt Vernon. Last year was my first time to go and I loved it!!! I am excited about going today. I am going with a couple of girlfriends that have not been there yet, I can not wait for them to see, they will love it also!!!

Well I am off to stuff some dolls, I am going to try to accomplish before I leave Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hooking, yes I have been!!

Well I have been really into my hooking lately, I haven't done it all summer and now I am addicted. This is my Butternut House Rug finished, I absolutely love how it turned out. I would have to say the background I used in this rug is one of my favorite wools.

I rarely do many rugs with Santa, but thought I would do one, and I really love how this turned out also, the background I used in this one is an overdyed textured, and I just love it. I have this rug on E-bay right now.

Okay this rug and the next one are so darling. They were alot of fun to do. I just love happy old snowmen. Both of these rugs are Kelley Belfast designs, her designs just make me smile.

This rug is listed on E-bay now also.

Well, I probably will put my hooking away for now, I have a craft show that I really need to concentrate on, it is Dec 5th, I not yet have anything ready for it, but I can get it done once I set my mind to it. I have started some punch needle projects, so that is a start.

Tonight is Trick or Treat in the town my sister lives in and she has 3 youngens, so we are going over there to see all the scary children. It is fun to see them all. I don't think I could get my boys interested any more, seeing that they are 21 and 26.

Well, I better go try and be productive, Thanks for coming by!!! Rhonda

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some finishes to share

This rug I did this past spring, it is a punch needle design by Country Stitches, I was given permission to enlarge and hook. I love how it turned out. It's a good size 25 by 19.
Thes are just 3 of the dolls I got done this past week. I did 6 dolls, I now need to find places to display them, I have plenty of spots, just not sure where to put them yet.

This is my rug in progress, it is another design by Maggie Bonanomi. I love her designs. This design is from the book With These Hands. She has a new book out and I can't wait to see it.

I finally got this rug finished from Maggie's book. I love it, love the colors in it, the size, everything about it. I still have to steam it and finish the backing, but that won't take long. This is a nice size rug also it measures about 20 by 27. I do not know where I will put this one yet.

This is another rug I finished this past week. I have had this little bench for a long time and always wanted to hook something for it, so I finally made a list and put it on the top, now it is finished and I love it. I whipped the edges on this one. This one measures 8.5 by 46. Oh yea, the model in the picture is one of my babies, his name is Vinnie. Vinnie decided this past week not once but twice to play with a skunk, how terrible. He is finally smelling better and so is my house.
Tonight is my Hook-In so maybe I will have some more photos for tomarrow. I always look forward to our hook-ins, great friends and chit-chat, and beautiful rugs.
Thanks for stopping by Rhonda

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finished up new hooked rug and some punch needle

This punch design is my own design, I love how it turned out. I think the brown wool I used in the pillow just makes this look so warm

I love this pillow, this design is one of Lori's of Notforgotten Farms. I just love her designs, would have to say one of my favorite artist.

And this hooked rug, the snowman just makes me smile. I think he is just warm and happy looking.

I hope to start working on some santa and snowmen dolls and maybe some quilting. I have so much to do I want to do, and just don't know where to start.

I have totally ripped my living room apart, sick of looking at the same old, so I have to get it put back together, so far I am pleased with my changes.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Rhonda

Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I've been working on

This is my rug in progress, it is a design by Maggie Bonanomi, from the book With These Hands.

This a punch design that has been adapted from an antique hooked rug that I love, I also had this enlarged to maybe hook sometime.

This punch design turned out great!! This is a pattern by Lori of Notforgotten Farm, I love all of her designs.

I have the 2 punch pieces on e-bay, I am new to this blogging, I don't know how to attach a link yet, but I have a friend that is teaching me along the way.

Off to get busy on something else.

Thanks Rhonda