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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back on Track

Now that Christmas and New Year's is over it is time for me to get back in the swing of things. The holidays were nice, but I am also glad they are over. I still have IOU's to do, (maybe I will have them done by next Christmas), but I have been wanting to hook and punch. The past 2 weeks I have been able to get some things done.
I punched this design and placed it on a fabric covered box. I have it on e-bay now, with the rest of my other listings here.

I absolutely love this piece, I added some blue, I am hearing that blue is back, I have always liked blue, so I am glad. This piece is an adaption of an antique hooked rug. I have it mounted on a painted and stained box.

Thes are some punch designs that I placed in 5 x 7 frames, I love how they turned out.

I just love this rug, very prim in color. I couldn't get the picture right on this piece with the camera, it is not at all bright, nice and prim.
Well that is all I have to share right now. Tonight is my hooking night with the girls so maybe, if I don't forget my camera I can post what everyone is working on. Usually my friend Julie does this but she isn't going tonight, bummer.
Hope everyone has a safe and HEALTHY New Year. Rhonda


  1. Beautiful work Rhonda !!! Have fun hooking tonight LOL
    I cant wait to see more pictures !!!

    Hugs, Angie

  2. Wonderful pieces as usual Rhonda!! I love that one from the antique rug. I've been wanting to punch that one too. Love yours with the blue. I may have to do mine with blue in it. Hope you get good prices for your wonderful work.

  3. You have been busy!! Love all your pieces. Can't wait to see your pictures of hooking tonight. I missed going to hook with all of you, the roads are awful here!!

  4. Love your work. I was wondering whose heart & hand design you punched. Thanks so much.