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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finished some new Fall rugs

Well first I am showing you my babies in the pool, my dogs love to go swimming, well the bigger one does more so than the smaller one. The smaller one pretty much just likes to float on the mat.

Here is a really cute fall rug I finished up, it is a pattern from Needl Love. I decided to use some color in this one to make it fun. I normally don't use colors like those but decided it would look great in a rug like this.

This rug, I love it, it is a design by Lori Brechlin. The wool I used in the pumpkin is a reversible wool, hard to find any more of it, but I must say it is a beautiful piece of wool.

I have both rugs on e-bay right now, if your interested take a peek(myglorystars).

I have been trying to figure out what I am going to make for my show coming up in Sept. I really need to quit thinking about it and make something before it is here and I am not ready.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!! Rhonda


  1. I love your rugs, Rhonda! They are beautiful as always! Are you going to Sauder this year and then are you coming down to the Malabar show? Hope to see you at both!

  2. Great rugs Rhonda! I especially love the one you did with Lori's design. I have that wool and love it. I hate to use it up but it seems silly not to use it and just look at it in my wool cupboard! LOL and your babies in the pool are adorable!

  3. Your doggies are the cutest!! Love your rugs!! I have just a little bit of the reversible orange left, I sure wish we could get some more of it!!

  4. Rhonda ~
    Great rugs as always!
    Love the pics of the babies in the pool. Too cute.
    Good thing you finish things so quickly. Malabar will be here in an eye blink!
    Pug hugs :)

  5. I love both rugs - but especially the Jack O Lantern. I love that you made with the different colors. So beautiful!


  6. Great rugs. I especially like the bright colors in the first one. The dogs in the pool --- so cute!

  7. Beautiful rugs and beautiful hooking, wonderful pieces for the fall.


  8. You're a busy girl, as usual!! Any pool time for you ~ or only the pups??!!

  9. Hi Rhonda, your dogs are so cute and very lucky to have a pool to cool off in.
    Love theses rugs, WOW! ~~Pam