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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ready for TDIPT update tonight

This is Tony the Snowman, he is a sweet pattern by Betty Dekat. He is just the happiest snowman ever.
I love this rug, I think it turned out very primitive looking.

I love the blue that I used in this mat. I think this also looks very prim. This is a great pattern by Lori Brechlin.

This rug is also very prim looking, the red used in this rug is a really great textured wool, I wish I was better with my camera to get the true coloring.
These 4 rugs will be offered later this evening on TDIPT. Wasn't sure if I was going to be ready but I managed, I got these 4 done in 2 days, so you can imagine what my house looks like. Well I am putting the hook down for a few days to clean and get ready for Christmas.
Stop by and check out the new updates on TDIPT later this evening or tomarrow morning, alot of great hand-mades by very talented artist. Thanks for stopping by!!! Rhonda


  1. I have been following your blogs for a while now, and I just have to say I LOVE your rugs!!! Shawnette :)

  2. So cute. I can't believe you finished them in 4 days! Impressive.

  3. OMG girlfriend :) How do you do it? Four rugs in two days??? I am just flat out jealous (in a good sort of way!).
    Hugs :)

  4. Love your rugs! My favorite is the primitive heart rug. You do such lovely work!

  5. Thanks so much!!! Kim, Lauren, and Mary!!

  6. At the risk of sounding stupid....what is TDIPT?

  7. Wonderful rugs - wow you are fast!

  8. Kim, To Dwell In Primitive Thymes Mercantile, alot of talented artist sell their hand-mades, check it out sometime.

    Thank you Joanne!!

  9. Thanks Rhonda, I will check that out.