My Glory Stars Hooked Rugs and such

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today in the mail I got a package from my Friend Julie Butler of PlumRunCreek, was totally surprised by this since we go to hook-ins together. Well awhile back she hooked up this welcome mat and I just feel in love with it. I told her to let me buy it and of course she said NO, so I let it go! She surprised me by sending it to me in the mail, now wasn't that sweet of her. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Julie, and don't be gaging or puking over that, I appreciate your kindness and your friendship and I will forever cherish my new welcome mat!!! Isn't it sweet!!! Julie is a really great hooker and I love the colors she chooses every time!!

Now onto some finishes I got done

This rug with the pennies and stars is a pattern design by Wool Yankers, I love the blues and browns, I am guessing that this is my new favorite color scheme as I have been using alot. Thanks for stopping by and if you have a chance stop by Julies blog and check her out at PlumRunCreek!!!!! Rhonda


  1. Julie is a great hooker - she amazes me at all the wonderful rugs! What a great gift!

  2. I am sooo glad you like it!!
    Love your color scheme in both of your new rugs!
    Hope you still have electric. The ice is gettin thick!! Stay warm!

    PS.. Thanks Joanne for the very nice comment.

  3. Rhonda ~
    Great rugs and what a wonderful gift from Julie. You are both amazing hookers :)
    Hugs :)

  4. Wow! Julie is a wonderful friend to you ~ but I'm guessing you're a wonderful friend to her, as well! Love your rugs ~ someone else will, too! Stay warm!!

  5. Julie is talented and generous! Great surprise to receive that treasure in the mail! Love the rugs you hooked up too! The blue/brown stars/pennies is very eye catching!

  6. All of these rug are beautiful. I agree with the blue and brown scheme...just lovely and restful. You both do great work!

  7. Wow Rhonda, you are a lucky girl! Isn't it great to get a surprise in the mail! Love your rugs too! I have not hooked a blue and brown rug, but love those two colors together, I may have to try it!

  8. What a nice suprise to get in the mail. Even better than it wasn't a bill. Seems like that is 95% of my mailbox! lol
    I really like the blue and brown combo too.

  9. What a lovely gift from a special friend!! I love ALL of your rugs (as well as Julie's and Joanne's) and am so fortunate to be the proud owner of one from Joanne (my Giveaway win!!) that I will always treasure!!
    I know you will treasure yours as well as your very special friendship!! Thanks for sharing that with us too!!

  10. I like the blue rug too. All are pretty.

  11. What a sweet gift from Julie. Very pretty.
    And I've been enjoying looking at all the work you've gotten done. Beautiful pieces, thanks so much for sharing!