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Friday, October 5, 2012


Please take a moment and welcome this group back to the good ole USA and to thank them for their services.

First of all, I want to truly thank each and every one of you that have gave me encouragement while my son was deployed!!  Thank you for all the messages that I have received, your support has been grateful!!!

I am hear to say, YES I am truly PROUD OF MY SON, but I do not ever want this experience again.  I worried daily, of his safety!!  I know he is trained to do his job, but he is not the one that scared me!!
 I feel so blessed and happy beyond any words of expression. 
I at this time have not seen him yet, that is soon, and he will be home with us and no longer in danger, until he makes mom mad(haha).
Thank you Jesus for watching over my son and all of our Military!!  God Bless The USA and for sure all of our Soldiers.
I love you Matt and and I am so Happy to have you back in the USA, see you very soon!!!
Thank you all for stopping by!!
Rhonda--one happy momma!!!


  1. Great news! Enjoy your reunion.

  2. Welcome home Matt and your troup! You are all heroes and I'm so happy your mommas don't have to worry about you anymore.
    big hugs, Rhonda!

  3. Welcome Home Matt and most of all THANK YOU for your service to our country and thank you to all the military that so willingly serve our country to keep us all safe. I am so glad you are home with your mom, we have all been on this hard journey together, praying for you every day and thinking of you always. I really wish I could be there to see you actually come home. Please know you are loved.

    Cyndi and Greg

  4. Welcome home everyone, good to have you back and thank you for your service and sacrifice.
    I know what it means to be in the Military, my husband was in for 23 years and he is a Dessert Storm Veteran. God Bless!

  5. Oh such a good feeling when you know that they have arrived home. My brother was in Kuwait when the scud missiles came flying at them. They knew they were coming by hooking up an antenna and getting Fox News.My nephew just recently returned from Afghanistan. It is such a relief to have them back. Thank your son for all he is doing. Enjoy the time with him. Blessings~Sara

  6. I am so relieved for you. I do thank him for his service, but I also thank you and all the families for their own sacrifice of missing and worrying and being fearful for their loved ones who are in harm's way. ... jan

  7. rhonda, so happy and thankful! enjoy!

  8. Dear Rhonda, Welcome home to Matt and the 179th! I am so happy and thankful to Jesus, that your son is home safe! God bless him and all those that serve our country and keep us safe. I am so grateful! I hope you will see him very soon! What a happy time that will be for you both! Blessings, Paula PS~ I love your beautiful creations!

  9. Welcome home Matt, and all service men and women!
    You all are so appreciated!
    I send prayers to all of you who serve and protect us.

    Thank you!

  10. Welcome home Matt! Thank you for your service to this great Land of ours. God Bless America!
    Hugs :)

  11. I'm so glad your son and 179th are home safe..... thank you for keeping our country safe.