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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hooked rug for Spring

I hooked this rug with the wonderful thoughts of SPRING. The colors I used in it are blues for the bright blue sky, yellow for the warm golden sun, lilac and pink for the fresh spring flowers and the green of course for the fresh smell of the new green grass, ahh doesn't it make you want Spring BAD!! Does me. Well this rug I used a pattern by With Thy Needle and Thread , I love her patterns. I listed this on e-bay. My e-bay ID is myglorystars. Hope you check out my items.
Well I have to say my husband has totally spoiled me!!! He is awesome!!!! I got the townsend cutter for Christmas and he also surprised me for Valentines day with the snap dragon frame. He has been listening to me talk with the girls. I liked that my old frame had the turn table on the bottom, and if snapdragon had that they would be the best !! Well he attached a turn table for me, I didn't even know he did it, it matches the wood in the frame perfect I though he purchased it that way, he told me NO he did that, so I have a one of a kind. I am just so excited about my gifts!!!
I have been working on orders, and now I really need to get serious on making things for my up-coming show in April. Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. What a wonderful hubby you have!! Beautiful rug!


  2. You do such beautiful work! What's that little rug that your new cutter sitting on? Looks like a nice one too. I just love looking at all of your photos.

  3. Rhonda ~
    What a sweet hubby. Isn't the Townsend to die for? I got mine last summer at Sauder and absolutley LOVE it.
    Sweet rug ~ come on spring, get here soon!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Soooooooo great!!! Your work is always great and you get so much done. Great also somes up your husband, how lucky you are first a townsend and now a snap dragon.
    Enjoy them............Sheila

  5. wow, love this rug; your hubby is a real gem too!

  6. Hey Rhonda, I LOVE your rug !!! What a great hubby too :) I hope things are going Great for you !!! I cant wait to see you at the show...feels like its been forever :)

    Hugs, Ang

  7. Love your rug Rhonda! That hubby is a keeper - isn't it great to have the Snapdragon on a swivel - mine does too and love it! Oh and the Townsend! How wonderful! Enjoy!

  8. Rhonda your rugs are absolutely beautiful! I am dying over the rabbit and chicken one!!!

    Wish it would live with me.