My Glory Stars Hooked Rugs and such

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On my Home of the Brave Rug, which is a pattern by Country Stitches.  This one will measure about 28 x 23 when finished, this will also probably going on ebay when finished.  I do love the colors so far, I have reversed hook some coloring, now I am happier with it.  Thanks for stopping by!!  Rhonda


  1. This is so interesting Rhonda - I rarely see people hook a rug from one border straight across to the opposite side. They usually hook center motifs, then work out to the edges and fill in the backgroun last. This is going to be a great project!

  2. Gayle, I hate doing background, could never leave it for last!! I was taught to hook what is on the frame thenmove it. I dont always follow that rule but I do when there is alot of background.

  3. I like that Idea - filling in what is on the frame - maybe I would feel like I am getting more done! Beautiful rug!! SUE

  4. I like your approach too...hooking from one end to the next! You are doing a great job and I love the pattern and your colors!

  5. Rhonda ~
    Sweet! Personally, I love hooking the background ~ it's mindless ~ like!
    Hugs :)

  6. beautiful and so much work.
    I can't seem to make progress on my hooked rugs...what's the secret???


  7. Rhonda,

    I always love seeing your latest projects and admire each and every one!! Since I have not learned to rug hook (yet) it all sounds like greek to me, but whatever you do, it ends up being wonderful!! Can't wait to see it finished!!

    Blessings and Happy Hooking~~