My Glory Stars Hooked Rugs and such

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Finally got this rug hooked, took me 4 days, way longer than I want to spend on one rug, but it is a nice size.  I love how it turned out, I just love the eagle in this design!  This is a pattern by Country Stitches.  I still of course need to whip the edges and steam it up really good.  This one will hopefully be headed to ebay tomarrow.  But if anyone is interested in by all means email me before I put it on ebay.  This will be the only one like this that I will make.   Well we finally was able to get our yard mowed, seriously thought we might of had to get some goats if we couldn't get to it soon.  No goats need now, but they would be fun!
   Good thing I enjoy spending my days at home hookin, gas has reached $4.19 here, seriously this is just out of control, I do see people losing jobs again in this strong economy we have going(HA HA).
  My heart just feels heavy for the families in the south that got hit by the tornado's!!  I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers!!
    Til next time!!  Thanks for stopping in!!  Rhonda


  1. Rhonda,
    This rug is amazing! I agree, the eagle is great. Love the colors and the whole look!

  2. Rhonda, I love this rug, gas prices are the same here. You are cutting your grass and it's snowing here. I'm ready for some warm and dry weather.

  3. We got our internet fixed. I LOVE your rug!! It turned out great!!

  4. Rhonda ~
    You are TOO FUNNY!!! Four day on a rug??? I am happy if I can finish one in four weeks!
    Gas hit $4.15 here today. I am thankful I only work a couple of miles from home. Strong economy??? Yeah, right. {HA HA!} This is NOT good.
    I, too, will keep those who lost their homes in my thoughts and prayers.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. 4 days? Seriously??? And that was "way long?" YIKES! Where did I misplace my copy of Speed Hooking???! Gracious put me all to shame. (I might be able to PUNCH that in 4 days...) Gonna go pout now. (But I do LOVE the rug...) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  6. Wow, Rhonda, 4 usually takes me a month or more to finish a rug and then it still has to be bound, which can take another month or so. Your rug is beautiful!!!! Awesome work!!

  7. Great rug! 4 days is too long huh? Oh my!

  8. Yes! I agree with all comments, Your rug is so beautiful! I can't wait to see your other masterpiece!