My Glory Stars Hooked Rugs and such

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I Love this rug!!!  This pattern is sold thru Spruce Ridge Studios and is a design by Lori Brechlin.  This one took me about 7 days to hook, was glad to finish it up.  I really don't like working on one project that long, always anxious to move onto next project.
I finally did get this one whipped and steamed, I also love how it turned out!  This is a pattern by Country Stitches.

I love this rug alot!!  Feeding the chickens!!  This is also a pattern sold thru Spruce Ridge Studios and another of Lori's designs. 

Well last week we had some really nice storms move thru here, and we were one of the fortunate ones to get hit good by lighting, took out several items in the house.  Fried our NEW computer and modem so I havent had the internet since last Wednesday night, boy was that a bummer, also fried our home phone, phone lines still worked but had to get new phones.  Right now I can actually say thank goodness for home owners ins.  One thing I will admit, I sure do get alot done when I don't have the internet.  We still dont have everything back in working order that was taken out but slowly working on it. 

I am working on a new rug, I love it so far, I will post picture of it little later when I have more to show.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Rhonda


  1. I sure know what you mean by getting things done when you arent on the computer. But it is too hard to stay off. hehe. I love the rugs. What will you do with these? Ebay or your house? Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa, these 3 rugs are all spoken for. I cant wait for these gals to get their rugs, I know they are just going to love them.

  3. Rhonda, these rugs are beautiful! Glad your home only had some minor damage. Lightening is scary!

  4. Three beautiful rugs Rhonda! I especially love the Feeding The Chickens. I'm sorry to hear about your losses but at least they are all replaceable items with your insurance.

  5. LOVE love LOVE your rugs - they are all so lovely - one of these days I am going to get around to learning to hook!

  6. Gorgeous rugs Rhonda - but I'm going to have to stop reading your posts, I fear - either that or get therapy for my guilt when I see what you produce compared to my lack of progress! So sorry to hear about the storm damage.....That stuff scares the heck out of me! Hope things get back to normal soon - and inexpensively! Smiles, Robin

  7. I love that chicken rug! I've go to get that one! You have made beautiful work of these as ever!

  8. Those rugs are just fantastic. I think that I'm going to have to take another class with Kris so that I can pick up a couple of those rugs!

    And that's terrible about the lightening and the damage that it did. Glad you're back up running with the internet, but I do know what you mean about getting things accomplished when you don't have it.

  9. Rhonda ~
    You crack me up! You don't like working on a rug for 7 days. I'd be absolutely thrilled if I hooked a rug in 7 :)
    I love all the rugs, but especially the sheep one. I'm sure the people will love them, too.
    Sorry about the lightening strike. Sucks, but it could have been much worse. I know what you mean about the computer stealing your time! I am so guilty.
    Hugs :)

  10. Rhonda love these rugs!! Especially the one called "Feeding the Chickens"
    Glad you are back online!